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No matter what plan YOU currently have

You can save and make money by picking up a very inexpensive supplemental plan.

Cash Back Plans Pay you upwards of $7000 a day

They are cashback plans, to offset your deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance , and hospital stays.

Pay you up to $60,000 for each critical Illness

Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke. For example 1 out of three women will get cancer.


No matter what plan you currently have!

Being a veteran of the Vietnam War Era myself, serving from 1969-1972, I have taken a special interest in helping veterans understand how they can KEEP their VA Medical and Drug Benefits, while at the same time, receive a Medicare Advantage Plan from Medicare, that has been approved to help veterans get the BEST Medical plans in the USA. Most of the plans have NO monthly premium, and you can see doctors outside the VA with NO waiting time! Call me "today" to review, how these plans can help you pay down all or part of your Part B cost, giving you extra cash to have at the end of the month. Call me Today for your FREE Review, Veterans. "HOOAH"

Life Insurance does not have to be just a whole life death benefit plan, where YOU the insured, and the owner of the policy, will never see any of the benefits protecting your family.

How would like to receive up to 90% of the death benefit, while your still alive?! How would like to get back 100% of ALL the monthly premium's, you have spent on life insurance?! How about a critical illness plan, that will pay you, not once, not twice, but three times you have been first diagnose from 16 critical illnesses! And YES, you are still alive, and Yes, it's very treatable and Yes you can be cured! Cancer-Heart-Stroke- More and More are surviving these three deadly diseases! Get up to $100,000 per illness upon the first diagnosis!

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ACA - Plans for everyone not on Medicare (Under 65)



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Short Term Bridge PPO Plans from UHC, Aetna



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And Remember To Ask About The Dental And Vision Plans!!

Almost 60% Of The Population Does Not Have A Dental Or Vision Plan.

You Ever Priced What A Root Canal Cost, How About Braces. Transfer The Risk To Dental And Vision Carriers And

Stop Paying These Huge Cost Out Of Pocket 100%.